I'm Tasha, owner of Sew Swansea - pre-covid a textile school based in the heart of Swansea offering the widest range of textile-based classes and workshops.

Covid has obviously had a significant impact on small business and I decided it was the right time for me to pack up my studio and shift the main focus of my work. 
Of course, I have been unable to teach with the social distancing regulations but this has allowed me time to concentrate on my Master's work and take my professional work in new directions. 

I will still be doing a small amount of teaching but via Adult Learning Wales instead. 

You can contact them directly for full details as that is now all in their hands! 

In addition, I am taking on more freelance short term contracts, which I find very exciting. 

All progression of my own work, updates, and my MA can be found on my Instagram page. 

You can still, of course, contact me for private tuition if you'd like. 

For those new here, in addition to teaching and running workshops I have also taken commissions for textiles products, costumes, exhibitions or been hired on a freelance basis for teaching, hosting or running events by the following organisations, events and campaigns;

  • BBC Wales

  • Midnight Costume Services

  • 9to90 Community - GS Collective/Swansea Council

  • St Fagans Museum

  • Swansea Comic and Gaming convention

  • Swansea Business School

  • Volcano Theatre

  • Artichoke Trust - 14-18 Now

  • Swansea Communities First

  • Red Cafe Mumbles

  • Swansea Carers Centre

  • Pride Cymru

  • Dan Thompson Studios - Estuary Festival, Kent

  • Bedford Happy

  • Youth Net

  • Revolutionary Arts

  • The Empty Shops Network

  • Troublemakers Festival

  • Swansea Fringe Festival