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Sometimes it can be a bit daunting trying something new, or going to a new place where you don't know anyone or what to expect, can't it? 

I get it. I've been there.

But, since you're here now and you're taking a look around, it probably means you're totally up for getting your sew on, or at least seriously thinking about it, but maybe you're a little unsure what's right for you or what a class will be like.

So, what is Sew Swansea all about?

I'm a little bit different to most studios and 'sewing schools'.  My workshops are very much an adult space to create badass stitchers, not what you'd usually envisage from sewing perhaps - there will be swearing and inappropriate talk but there will be lots of laughter and support and friendship.

The main aim of my sessions, aside from the obvious cracking new skills you'll learn, is to fill you with sewing confidence, give you a chance to relax, and do something for you.

Sewing, and all the textile crafts I offer here, are all about;

Self Care - this is so vital yet something that so many women don't allow themselves (or think they don't deserve).
Take some time out. Learn something new. Chill and enjoy yourself. Crafts are amazing for physical and mental well-being, it's a scientific fact!

Confidence - Often we don't try new things because once upon a time we were told we were no good at it, or we just think we're no good and we're scared of making a mistake or looking foolish in front of people.
I can honestly tell you, this is not true, you ARE good enough.
I really truly believe you can not learn without making mistakes - so here we embrace mistakes, we love them and we use them to show ourselves how far we've come and how much we can achieve

Relaxation - Life can be tough can't it? Hectic, noisey and rushed. It can cause stress and anxiety (oh so much anxiety) and we all need an escape from it from time to time. Textiles can really help, they give you a different focus and a break from everything else. Gentle crafting at it's best.

Everyone can be arty and creative, and I'm here to help with that. At each Sew Swansea workshop you'll find no more than 6 students (including you!) This is very deliberate. No one gains from big groups and as you're spending your hard earned cash with me I want you to feel as if you've got value for that money - as well as for your time. That means some one-on-one focus, even in a group setting, it means that you go home feeling more relaxed, more confident and having spent a little time doing something for you - plus totally encouraged and enthusiatic about making all the things.

Most workshops tend to include everything you'll need too, fabrics, pins, scissors, even the sewing machine. Obviously there are some exceptions to this and it'll state it in the workshop description (if in doubt you can get in touch too), but where possible, I've got you totally covered.

There will also always be tea, coffee, hot chocolate, squash and biscuits - and sometimes cake if I remember, on hand. It can be surpsingly draining concentrating on something for 2 hours so a little refreshment doesn't hurt, eh.

As for me, I'm Tasha, fabric obsessed, stitch-aholic. I run my workshops from my own, custom built, roomy studio in Elysium Studios, Orchard St, in the heart of Swansea city.
I was originally a self-taught dressmaker, going on to study fashion design and textiles then becoming a self-employed artist/maker creating my own range of clothing, homeware and accessory items. After moving to Wales in 2011 I worked for several local companies making a variety of products ranging from bespoke curtains to handmade flags, to sheep fleece mobility aids for wheelchairs, before deciding to teach full time. Alongside the classes and workshops, I run sessions for community organisations who support vulnerable or disadvantaged members of the community and take on sewing commissions for organisations around the country who run social and community events. You can see more of the social projects I've taken on under the 'commissions' tab above or contact me if you'd like to discuss me creating a bespoke textile piece for your project.

If you have any questions about my workshops, please pop to the FAQ section of the website or get in touch if you'd like to arrange a community class for your group or organsiation. Individuals can take a look through all the sessions I have on offer under my Group Workshops section.

I look forward to meeting you soon, happy stitching,



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