Class Levels
Class Levels explained
- which is the correct level for you?

Level 1

Level 1 classes are for total beginners, for those with little to no experience. Those who want to gain or regain sewing machine confidence.

Level 1 Crochet classes are for those who want to learn from scratch, who may have tried youtube or books but find it confusing or frustrating or want to be able to ask questions.

Level 1b

Level 1b Classes are where a little experience or sewing machine knowledge might be helpful but isn't essential. Projects in this category a little more challenging than level 1 classes but don't involve any of the more advance techniques. 


Level 2

The projects for Level 2 classes require students to have some experience with using a sewing machine. You are expected to know how to thread a sewing machine, understand seam allowance, follow measurements and seam guides, inserting bobbins and have machine control - be able to sew in straight lines, pivot etc. Know how to pin correctly or completed our Level 1 Beginners Basics Sewing classes.

This category covers things such as fastenings, zips, button holes etc, interfacings, binding, different seams.

Level 2 crochet expects you to understand foundations stitches taught in Level 1 crochet.

Level 3

Level 3 classes rely on students knowing how to use a sewing machine, how to insert basic zips, create buttons holes, basic seams and know about seam allowance.

Level 3 classes do not allow time for learning to sew from scratch, machine control or basics. If you need machine experience please complete Level 1 and  2 classes before booking onto a level 3 class. The purpose of Level 3 workshops is to increase garment construction knowledge, learn pattern drafting, gain experience in the maths required for advanced sewing.