Sew Swansea can be hired to come along to your venue and teach tailored sewing or crochet lessons to your users, clients or staff.


Sewing and crochet have well-deserved reputations for benefiting people in many extremely positive ways, from helping people to destress, relax & reduce anxiety, improving manual dexterity, increasing numeracy levels and understanding. Group activities also have added benefits of reducing loneliness & isolation and improving social skills. Not to mention the enormous confidence boost learning new skills, completing projects or just trying something new, gives. There is nothing better than the happiness that crafts and art can give a person!


Classes range from one-off 2 hour long sessions to 12-week courses and can be adjusted to suit your time frame and user needs. Organisations have the option to hire for teaching only or let me take away all the hassle by booking my all-inclusive classes that include me sourcing all materials for you, providing my own themed craft kits and/or use of my equipment - including sewing machines. I charge £150 per 2 hour session plus materials, equipment & travel. I will teach a maximum of 12 students.

To date, my community classes have ranged from students making anything from bunting to cushions, festive decorations to repairs & alterations classes, bags to cushion covers, to recycling and upcycling projects such as leg warmers, aprons, pillows, dogs beds and even a horse blanket!


If you would like to discuss booking a class or course for your group or want to enquire about pricing and availability, you can get in touch with me here

Community Classes

Community Classes

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