One-to-one classes

One-to-one classes & private group workshops

One to One Sessions

If group classes aren't your thing, Sew Swansea are happy to provide private, one to one sessions in both sewing and crochet.

You may want a beginner's class, learning from scratch or want help with a specific project or pattern, either way, we can find the perfect session for you.

One to one classes have a little more flexibility in regard to date and times and schedule allowing, we can offer day time classes too, if required.

£50 for the first hour, £35 for each subsequent hour booked per session.

One to one sessions are for ONE person only and cover tuition costs only.

Private group bookings.

Sew Swansea also offers closed, group bookings, so if your friends or work collegues want to learn and craft together we can provide sessions closed to public booking, exclusively for your group. These cater for a minimum of 2 students to a maximum of 6 people (for some classes I can accomadate a maximum of 12 participants, please enquire).

Half-day rate is £180 +materials
Full date rate is £250 +materials

Craft Parties

Sew Swansea craft parties launched in Spring 2018. Each one is tailored to your group so you can be sure of a perfect event.
For more details please visit our dedicated Craft Party page here>> Craft Parties