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The Red Dragon

Today is Appreciate a Dragon Day. A bit random, you may be thinking. And you'd be right. However, it's a nice bit of inspiration to stitch something, and let's face it we all lose our sew-jo from time to time and need a little push and well, dragons are cool. Of course, being in Wales, I *had* to stitch the mighty red dragon. It's a no-brainer, right? I've actually sewn the Red Dragon a lot. Loads. When I first came to Swansea I got a job, a job that I loved, just with a shit..well we won't even talk about the who, sewing flags. Huge, great, double-sided appliqued flags, primarily Welsh flags but many others too - including the very first - and probably 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th....etc. with the new design Somerset flag - another beautiful red dragon but yeah mostly Welsh red dragons. So for this Appreciate a Dragon Day, I decided to hand embroider the Welsh red dragon, in a couple of different shades of red, bordered in black. All fine and dandy but for some stupid reason I've mainly gone for satin stitch which is the crappest of all stitches. Maybe it's just me. I dunno but it's....boring. It does its job though I guess and I have tried to mix it up a bit with some 'exciting' stitches. Obviously, it's not finished, though more so than the photos show, it probably will be completely finished, at some point, and then hung on my studio wall. You might see it there yourself when you come to one of my workshops. Anyway, upon researching Y Ddraig Goch (that's Welsh for The Red Dragon ;) haha) And YES I research stuff, you gits, I discovered that the 1953 Royal Badge of Wales had a circular ribbon around the Red Dragon image, with the motto Y DDRAIG GOCH DDYRY CYCHWYN which, fantastically means, THE RED DRAGON INSPIRES ACTION, which I fucking love! Seriously how brilliant is that!? It was used on the Welsh flag for a short time, 1953-1959 until it was replaced with the design we all know today. The badge was also redesigned in 2008 and they got rid of the dragon and the motto, sadly. Apparently Winston Churchill hated the 1953 badge. But what did he know.

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