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Hedgehogs. Why can't they just share the hedge?

Apparently, that joke, by Dan Antopolski was voted the best one-liner at Fringe in 2009. Valuable information I'm sure you agree.... Today is Hedgehog day and apparently Hedgehogs are on the decline in Britain, I know, that's sad, right!? So I thought I'd wave the hedgehog flag in support of these little guys -even though their creepy grunty mating sounds are scary as fuck when you're walking home alone in the dark (think repulsive pervert guy hiding in the bushes kinda noise - yeah seriously) but to be frank it's really none of my business how anyone gets their freak on and we all actually quite enjoy hedgehogs, don't we. So in celebration of these spiny little critters I've made a crochet version - without a face because apparently, I don't like putting faces on things... I used this free video tutorial by Crochet Stitch Witch - why not give one a try yourself?

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