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How does art affect your heart?

Today, January 31st is 'Inspire your heart with art' day. It's a day to explore how art effects you, how it makes you feel. There are so many forms of art and each piece affects us in a different way, each is it own unique experience and something to be treasured. So, this Wednesday, why not make a little extra effort to feed your heart and soul with something beautiful, outstanding, rousing, wonderful, marvellous or inspiring.

You could celebrate #Inspireyourheartwithartday by; Visiting an art gallery. - Visit the beautiful ceramics exhibition by Justine Allison showcased by Mission Gallery Reading a good book or listen to an audio book - I'm currently listening to a series of short stories by local playwright Christine Buxton called 'The Collection' Listening to music or poetry. The Last Resort on Swansea High Street have live music every Saturday night and open-mic nights on Wednesday's. Seeing an inspirational film. Our friends Cinema & Co are showing Frieda tonight, plus loads of other amazing films every month. You can get tickets here Going to an exhibition - Divergent Contemporary Arts “Continuums” Exhibition is being shown at Oriel King Street Gallery from 2nd Feb. Creating your own art - Join me for a sewing, embroidery, crochet or pattern drafting workshop and create your own art. Whatever you decide to do today, make your heart happy!

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