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A bit on the side.

I've been fairly quiet recently while I've been working on a few new projects and events. If you sign up to my mailing list, I'll be sending out details of everything I'll be doing very soon (I know, a newsletter is totally overdue!) but one of the biggest of my new things is a collaborative venture with all round amazing woman and local fibre artist Rachel Broughton. Rachel and I met not long after I first set up in my shop on Swansea's High Street, Rachel is a regular at my fortnightly Stitch Social sessions. It was quickly apparent that we had the same love for all things textiles and so this year after an unexpected but amazing offer from Gower Heritage Centre of the use of their Woollen Mill and equipment we decided to set up Ffibrau Y Gwyr, or Fibres of Gower. Ffibrau Y Gwyr will be based at Gower Heritage Centre Wollen Mill where Rachel and I will work on producing the traditional Gower 'Minka' weave cloth on their industrial dob cross loom, making spinning and weaving kits and running heritage crafts workshops. There will be a definite link and cross over of Sew Swansea and Ffibrau Y Gwyr, with workshops for both taking place in both locations, Sew Swansea, Orchard Street and The Woollen Mill at Gower Heritage Centre. We'll cover things like drop spindle spinning, natural dying, spinning wheels, felting and various weaving techniques.

We've set up a new website for the venture and you can book yourself onto our first drop spindle workshop running this coming April via the site here and follow our new facebook page here.

We hope to see some of you soon.

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