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Eek, we're half way through May and I've not managed to get you an April blog post written.. better late than never though eh. So, I'm bringing you my 5 steps to #sewinghppiness. Step 1 - Get booked on! You've got to be in it, to win it, as they say. And you the same applies to stitching, you need to be donig it to find your thing, to get better and with such a wide range of workshops on offer I have something for everyone here! Step 2 - Be fierce and fearless, learn something new. It can be daunting having a go at something new, fortunately at Sew Swansea I opporate a no judgement, gentle approach to crafting meaning all my workshops are relaxed and easy going, you can go at your own speed and making mistakes is encouraged! Step 3 - Unleash the badass stitcher within. Ever had that 'top of the world' feeling you get when you conquer something you didn't think you could do? It gives you a power and you feel unstoppable. Unlock that feeling with my classes and courses, find out just how brilliant you are! Step 4 - Find your tribe. Birds of feather and all that. Meet fellow fibre freaks, stitch perverts and all manner of amazing creative folk. Step 5 - You've got it, flaunt it. You can do it. Make it, stitch it, create it, so get sharing far and wide - don't forget to tag @SewSwansea on social media and us the hashtag #getyoursewon

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