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Yay for left handers

Today is the day you celebrate the wonder that is left-handed people, it's left-handers day! Statistically, 10% of the population are left-handed - although in my family (that's my siblings and I plus all our children) it's a whopping 50% of us that are lefties.

The world can be a little bit more of a challenge for left-handed people as pretty much everything is designed for right-handed people, from the way we write, to tools and gadgets to the way notebooks are bound. Everything is made for you right-handed folk. You lucky buggers. We wear our belts the other way round, tick 'backwards'(at least I do!) and no matter what, using a can opener is always a struggle.

However, I came to realise pretty early on that this makes left-handed people far more adaptable as we're used to having to translate the world around us to make things work for us.

Textiles and crafts are no different with machinery, patterns and equipment generally made to suit right-handers, and while you can get crochet patterns written for left-handers or left-handed sewing machines, they are, particularly the latter, very rare indeed. There has been an increase of things like left-handed scissors and rotary cutters that are ambidextrous, but if you're a left-hander like me, you've generally had to become ambidextrous yourself... Take the scissors as an example, for me I just use them right-handed, I had to, there was no alternative when I was growing up, others I've seen use right-handed scissors upside down, in their left hand.. (and yes there is a right way up for scissors, something quite a lot of people don't seem to know!)

Apparently, left-handed people tend to be more artistic and creative, I've certainly noticed that I get a lot of left-handers attending my workshops, where I will always find a way to make a skill or techniques work. Being left-handed myself I've had the same struggles when it comes to learning new things designed with right-handed people in mind, crochet for me was particularly difficult for quite a while but it's clicked with me in the end and I've since taught hundreds of people to crochet successfully, right or left handed! Funnily enough, I am a left-handed right-hand crocheter.. although I do various things, like my slip know 'backwards' which can confuse some students for a second!

A few left-handed people you might have heard of;

Bob Dylan

Oprah Winfrey

Marie Curie

Lady Gaga

Jimmi Hendrix - who played his guitar upside down.

David Bowie

Cary Grant - although in all but one of his films he plays right-handed!

Winston Churchill

Kurt Cobain


And of course, Ned Flanders from The Simpsons who famously opened a left-handers heaven the Leftorium.

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