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Textile rethink. Pt2

*Note - I know for some the previous post was wordless - this has now been fixed! So, yesterday we talked a little about the impact textiles are having on the environment and the people processing the cloth and that individually we all need to make a few small changes to help combat this, if you missed that post you can find it here Today I'm going to share with you my first step in helping to reducing our own part in the problem of textile waste and damage.

Shop less - I know right, WOAH revelation!? No? Ok so maybe this one is kinda obvious, but it's definitely a biggy! Most of us don't need the majority of the clothing or fabric or yarn we buy. No, honestly, we don't, we might try and justify it to ourselves but really we don't need it! And yes I am guilty of this too. People will also shop for a variety of reasons, above and beyond basic need, from wanting to keep up with trends, as a form of therapy, out of boredom, to 'treat' themselves. However, bulk buying 'cheap' clothes (or fabric or yarn) adds up cost-wise in the end and fashion, let's be honest, is a con, it's someone else's definition of what looks good, what colours are popular or shapes you should be. Fuck that. There are better ways to make yourself feel good, that don't require accumulating more 'stuff' - studies have shown, yeah studies, so you know that shit is for real, right?, that clutter can increase anxiety and depression so that's a big fat tick in the 'excellent reasons not to buy things' box eh. And there are plenty of activities, hobbies and events to keep you occupied that will also expand your knowledge, experiences and make you happier or healthier. I know for a fact Swansea has stuff like workshops *ahem*, book clubs, indy cinema, art exhibitions, music festival, fitness classes and personal trainers, galleries, museums, the list goes on and on there is sooo much stuff to see and do that you don't need 'things' for and all benefit you a hell of a lot more than a new pair of jeans. Fact. So who is gonna make a pledge with me, to buy less? To stop and think before we purchase something and ask ourselves 'do I *really* need it?' Tasha

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