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Textile rethink Pt3

And how are you this fine morning? Ready for your day and part three of my Textile REthink? If you've missed parts 1 and 2 you can find them here and here. So today, we are looking at another way to help reduce our individual impact on the effects of the textile and clothing industry. Yesterday we talked about shopping less, reducing what we buy over all, but of course it just isn't possible to buy nothing at all, as much as we may like to, so today is all about shopping smarter.

Shop smarter - Part of the problem with the clothing industry today is that the end products are made quickly, with inferior materials and sold cheaply. We are so used to this cheap clothing that we no longer value it's worth or the worth of the people that have played a part in making it. Clothing is made to fit trends and so goes out of fashion quickly, it doesn't last in terms of durability and so rather than repair things, we throw them away adding to the ever-increasing amounts we send to landfill. By shopping better and more carefully you can reduce the amount you need and buy. Pick clothing made by companies with safe and ethical work practices, opt for fabrics that have a lower environmental impact, shop locally where you can including secondhand items - chaity shops, clothing swap events and kilo sales are great, you can even try and source locally produced textiles where possible. And, of course, buy less. When you decide to buy clothing that is better made, of better quality, the chances are it will last you longer, therefore reducing your need to replace it as often, not only saving your pocket but helping towards the reduction of waste, and negative impact on the planet. When shopping look for Fairtrade and the Global Organic Textile Standard certifications. *I have just come across the GoodOnYou app that rates brands based on how they treat the planet, animals and people. I've not used it myself but could be worth a look!?

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