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Textile rethink Pt4

Part four of my Textile REthink is focusing on something that I think is a very important, almost vital skill, which unfortunately for the most part has been lost or dismissed. If you've missed the previous parts of this blog series you can find them all here Fix more - This one sounds pretty simple, but so few people do it, or even know how, but by simply fixing something you can extend it's lifespan, reduce your need to buy more and stop something that is technically still functional, going in the bin! Okay, so it takes a bit of time and for somethings needs a little practice but it can save you money in the long run - and who doesn't want that? Replace that lost button or broken zip, darn that hole, the patch that tear, small things can be done to keep your clothing looking good. It's time for us to love our clothes again and take care of them. Repairing used to be a big thing, just take a look at the Make Do And Mend movement of WW2. Clothing was rationed and in short, supply, so people were very limited as to how much they could get during a year, this forced them to get creative and make the most of what they had. It wasn't uncommon for people to repair and repair a garment until something couldn't be saved and then re-make it into something else to fit a child or to use around the home instead. And it doesn't have to be a lost art of skill, repairing, remaking and reashioning can breathe live into a once tired garment and make you enjoy wearing them again. I bet it gives the same 'high' as buying something new, too, only the only thing it's really cost you is a few scraps and a little time. Repairing your clothing can be something that you just give a go at, at home, but if you want a little more of a guiding hand, why not come along to one of my Make do and mend workshops and see what we can (re)create, together. Tasha

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