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Textile rethink Pt 5

Here it is, the final part of my Textile ReThink blog series, have you managed to stick with me? So far we've been over buying less, buying better and repairing what you have, so what's next? If you're buying fewer items, buying better items, fixing or remaking those items but still need something new, why not make your own? Make your own - Okay so this one can be a little trickier but is totally do-able, trust me, I'm a textile tutor! I hear a lot of people saying home sewing isn't cheap, and, in comparison to clothing we can buy from the high street, it's not and of course if you don't know how to sew or even where to start, there is the cost of learning to be considered, be that in your time or money or both. But crafting your own garments have a few unique and vital differences that you just can't get from off the rail, high street clothing. With handmade clothing you're in control of the style, cut, colour and fabrics it's made from, if you're clever and pick timeless shapes that suit you along with quality, ethical and well-wearing or recyced fabrics you can create something that lasts you many years, is functional, cost-effective and more gentle on the environment. Coupled with the knowledge you have of its construction you are in a better position to alter it later should you need or want to, therefore, reducing the need to buy or make again. To some, sewing lessons seems an unnecessary expense especially considering you can gain so much useful information online, however, in my opinion, the hands on face to face tuition cannot be beaten.. you might think that of course I'd say that, I have sewing workshops to sell, and to a degree you're right, but my business was set up because people needed more than soulless online classes and badly filmed videos, you get that interaction with a living person too, as well as all their knowledge, you get social benefits, it inhances your numeracy skills, problem solving skills, builds confidence, passion and ability. Sewing your own clothes is about empowerment, there is nothing like the feeling of craft, aking and wering your own perfectly fitting hand made garments. Making your own wardrobe isn't quick or simple but it is definitely worth the time and effort. It also allowes you to really appreciate how much skill and work go into your clothing. And, if you learn or sew with me you also get use of my equipment and large studio space, so you don't need to fork out for it yourself. Win win. Take a look at the range of textile classes, courses and workshops I offer, here Tasha

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