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Mood Blanket - update

Those of you who follow my instagram will have seen a little of the progress I've made on my mood blanket so far. For those who don't follow my instagram, why not? Get yourself over there and give me a follow! The mood blanket is going well and is all up todate. Whoop! I got a little behind for a few days while I was ill but managed to catch up with the help of some late night Hinterland binge watching on Netflix. From about day 5 I decided to scrap my 2 row a day thing, as on working out some numbers realsied that would result in a 3.5m blanket, which I'm sure you'll agree is a tad excessive! I also need a few more colours. I didn't have anything for 'ill' or 'sick' so I used my 'depressed' colour.. I found a few unopened balls of Stylecraft yarn in my studio, in Meadow, Magenta and Copper.. I also have a ball of 'shrimp' but it's hideous so I'm ignoring that. I'm not overly keen on the three new colours, but I have them and it saves buying more. I need to think a little about what moods these three new colours will be given. I think I am in need of more positive ones possibly. To recap so far I have; Storm Blue - Low/depressed

Emperor -Angry

Mustard -Productive

Mushroom - Relaxed

Teal - Happy

Silver - Tired

Khaki - Deflated

Cloud Blue - Sad/Upset

Gold - Contented/Satisfied

Petrol - Inspired

Walnut - Nervous

Grey - Stressed

Graphite - Frustrated/Annoyed

Boysenberry - Excited

So, Storm Blue is now Ill or Sick.. which means copper might be the new depressed, haha or I could just leave it at Cloud Blue for Sad/Upset... I don't know. I'm thinking of adding Loved, Creative and Thankful..but I may just wait until I don't already have a colour to express my mood.. we shall see! As for the blanket itself, I'm really loving it so far. The colours are working really well and I even like the three rows for when I was ill as a wedge in the middle.

What do you think of my blanket so far? Would you think about doing your own mood blanket?

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