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As lots of you may know, I am a HUGE lover of socks! I get quite cold so often, in the winter, will wear three pairs at once. I also don't drive so walk a lot - upward of 5 miles per day when I am coming into the studio, so my shoes and socks get well worn. As with all things, I have my favourite socks, most being handmade ones a very dear friend kindly kitted for me that I will reinforced at the ball and heel as soon as I get them, in order to prolong their life span. But I will also fix commercially produced socks if i like them and want to keep them for longer. This grey pair is such as pair. For this pair of socks I didn't worry about looks and just created a reinforcing pad of darned woven stitched to not only repair the hole but give a nice cushion for walking on too I shall do a darning video at some point to show you how!

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